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Dear Reader,

we would like to update the dates of our activities for this year before the summer heat will kick in.

Innovation Camp, The Hague, October 9–11
Digital Education & Inclusive Society: New Urban Learning-Enabling Spaces
The Camp is a proactive hands-on instrument for addressing real world challenges in an open, international and entrepreneurial context.
Challenges of the camp: Youth engagement in inner city neighbourhoods, Libraries of the future, New spaces for digital creativity.
We welcome applications from everyone passionate about addressing societal challenges and educational renewal through open innovation, practical wisdom and innovation-ecosystem thinking.
Interested parties please register > here
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Classroom of the Future, Frankfurt Book Fair, October 19–23
Lighthouse of Ideas
Since 2013 we welcome around 1.000 pupils every year in Frankfurt in partnership with the Frankfurt Book Fair. ELIG has partnered with creative individuals such as journalists, film makers, audio book producers and others to offer creative digital learning expeditions.
Topics of this year: Marine citizen science, Robotics, Next generation storytelling, Online journalism and a Project on refugees.
In this year, we will also provide teacher material via two leading German platforms
(meinunterricht.de and scook.de) reaching over 200.000 teachers.
Pupils and teachers please register > here
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ELIG Conference, Paris, November 3
Learning Places of the Future
We will come together to discuss topics as: Rethinking campuses and schools, 3d Places – Learning
in cities, museums and libraries and Virtual learning places and the digital augmentation of
Our partner will be EdFab by Cap Digital – the digital cluster of the City of Paris – at the new Campus Condorcet in St. Denis
Online registration will be open during summer.
Partners or sponsors please contact us
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Now the summer holidays are soon. We hope to see you in The Hague, Frankfurt and Paris!
With my best wishes

Elmar Husmann
ELIG Secretary General


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